lunedì 6 aprile 2015

A success International Tournament 2015

Rovereto’s crowded by the colourful teams that this year are more than 100. The numerous languages of the athletes of the 15 nations, the shout for joy of the fans, the several hymns together with the cheerful music are the winning mix of the International Tournament Città della Pace.
The edition of the tournament is concluded after three days of sport and amusement in Rovereto, where more than 2.500 guys from all over the world played in the name of peace, knowledge and dialogues.

After  the parade and the party in Malfatti square, that was able to involve the citizens and the whole city, the Friendship’s Meeting  on Saturday night was full of emotions, not only for the promises about the fair play and the hymns of the several nation, but also for the amusing exhibitions: the dance performance by “Asd Scarpette Gialle” and the colored and lightened arrows shot by the archers of the Kappa Kosmos Group.
In the first rugby’s match Lagaria faced EZI, winning the first place.
In football we had the following results:

1. CF Südtirol
2. SSV Brixen Obi
3. US Azzurra
4. SSV Anhausen1 (Germania)
Fair Play: ZNK Rudar 2014 (Bosnia Erzegovina)

Under 11 pulcini
1. Vis Nova
2. US Mori
3. SC Val Rendena
4. Us. Rovereto
Fair Play: FV Ravensburger (Germania)
Special Guest: SC Milan Academy (Giappone)

Under 13 esordienti
1. AVV Zeeburgia (Olanda)
2. NK Kljuc (Bonia Erzegovina)
3. FC Ludwigvorstadt (Germania)
Fair Play: FC Concordia Lausanne (Svizzera)

Under 15 giovanissimi
1. FV Plochingen
2. ASD Mori S. Stefano
3. AVV Zeeburgia (Olanda)
4. AltaVallagarina
Fair Play: JFG Franken Jura (Germania)

Under 17 allievi
1. AVV Zeeburgia (Olanda)
2. Grumellese
3. Loyac Milan Academy (Kwait)
4. FC Concordia Losanna (Svizzera)
Fair Play: Football Kopse (Finlandia)

The award ceremony together with the performance of the Junior Team to the sound of the  TdPSnap Music sung by Delle and the final amazing fireworks concluded the International Tournament Città della Pace.

We can say that this event was possible thanks to more than 200 volunteers   that worked really hard for organizing the tournament.

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