venerdì 4 aprile 2014

The International Tournament “Città della Pace” is back

The International Tournament “Città della Pace” returns to Rovereto during the Easter weekend.
This year, besides football and handball a new discipline has been introduced to the tournament.
From the 18th to the 20th April 2014, on the Vallagarina courts, hockey will be also played for the first time.
Field hockey’s female athletes will inaugurate the new tradition on the court of Mori. Everything is possible thanks to the partnership secured with the Italian Hockey Federation which officially sponsors the event and aims to create with Mori and Trentino an important and long lasting partnership.    

There will be 2.500 athletes aged between 8 and 17 who, during the three-days event, will compete on the pitches and halls of the Vallagarina in a sport and competitive moment unique in its genre.
The event is an irreplaceable occasion for young athletes who can meet people from all over the world, indeed sixteen nations will be taking part to the event, amongst them Russia, Spain, Sweden, Kuwait, Germany, Serbia and Belarus, just to mention some of them. 
Being a place of comparison and exchange of different cultures, the tournament has always aimed at transmitting a message of peace during its twenty-seven editions.  

After the last year’s successful edition the Organising Committee, presided over by Cristian Sala, decided to carry on in the direction of a “tournament for young people, created by young people”.  This is the reason why the students of the local high schools – Liceo A. Rosmini, liceo Internazionale Arcivescovile, IIS “Don Milani”, ITT “Marconi” – will be the real beating heart of the event. They will support more than a hundred of volunteers of the Organising Committee and Sport Societies of Rovereto and the Vallagarina who during this three-days event will be working in order to guarantee a successful event.
The students involved in the “Junior Team” project will be 120 (more than in the last edition). 
They will offer their assistance to the teams and will be in charge of the logistic issues during the event. Some of them will be responsible for the management of the info points on the pitches and some others will organise and manage the press office and communication area. 

This year, as well as in the last editions, the Tournament aims to be a meeting and celebration occasion for both young athletes and team leaders but also for the large number of people from Rovereto and Trentino, who have always been taking part with great enthusiasm in the various moments of the event: from the striking and touching opening ceremony at the “Campana dei caduti” (Bell for the Fallen) to the colourful parade along the streets in the centre of Rovereto, from the matches to the award ceremonies with fireworks that take place on Sunday night at the Quercia Stadium. 
It aims to be an occasion for the enhancement and the promotion of our land, which, on this occasion, is able to show its best to thousands of potential tourists, coming from the heart of Europe and this year especially from the East, an expanding touristic area where field hockey (this year’s new discipline) is strongly developed.

Another news of the 2014 edition concerns the project “Torneo della Pace Network”, created by the Organising Committee, in this moment of recession and budget cuts, in order to both incentivize new sponsors and to consolidate the relationship with the existing ones. It is a real network that has as its primary aim that of enhancing the collaboration between all the actors involved: the sport societies, the sponsor companies, the hotel and catering facilities, the voluntary associations and the educational institutes. These areas will have the chance to get to know each other and to promote their activities among the members of this network through the instruments (newsletters, mailing lists, letters) offered by the Organising Committee. In this way, the complex system that each year allows the realisation of this important event, can keep on working during the rest of the year in favour of those entities which collaborate to guarantee the success of the Tournament.     

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